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Our bread-making flour for professionals

A full range of soft wheat bread-making flours, from 00 to wholemeal, meets a huge variety of needs. The wide variety of different products ensures precise performance in terms of strength, elasticity, tenacity, extensibility and fermentative capacity, thanks to careful balancing of the protein content and the specific rheological properties of the gluten.

The consistent quality of our bread-making flours is ensured by respecting the resting times required to recompose the gluten mesh stressed during milling. In this way our flours can express their rheological properties to the full, guaranteeing the best performance from each dough every time.

The importance of grain quality in bread-making flour

A bread-making flour of consistent quality, which guarantees the performance of a technical product developed for bakery professionals, requires a careful selection of the best wheat according to yields relating to climate and soil characteristics. To ensure consistent protein content and nutritional values, we select ingredients from different geographical areas, depending on seasonal harvests, sourcing as much as possible from geographically close producers in order to offer sustainable products.

Farina per Panificazione di Tipo 00

Type 00 Bread-making flour

Molino Pordenone’s type 00 soft wheat bread-making flours are made by cleaning, grinding and then sifting Italian and northern European GMO-free soft wheat, selected to obtain a product with high absorption without the use of additives or added gluten.

Farina per Panificazione di Tipo 0 Rosse

Type 0 Bread-making flour Red

A wide range of type 0 bread-making flours in a variety of blends to offer professionals a vast array of specific products for different uses, guaranteeing precise results and the highest quality every time. With or without the addition of ascorbic acid, more or less reactive, with different levels of enzyme activity, to cater for the production and methodological needs of every professional baker.

Farina per Panificazione di Tipo 0 Verdi

Type 0 Bread-making flour Green

Our green type 0 bread-making flours have a high protein content: the particularly strong gluten mesh enables long rises and high-performance fermentation, which are characteristic of long-rise products requiring biga, pre-ferment or natural yeast refresh.

Farina di forza per Panificazione Performa+

Performa+ Bread-making flour

Molino Pordenone’s bread-making flours are versatile and high-performance with every dough. Elastic and highly workable, they guarantee consistent results and impeccable quality for the finished product.

Farina per panificazione Integrale

Wholemeal bread-making flour

Molino Pordenone has selected a ground wholemeal bread-making flour with a distinctive taste, using hygienically safe heat-treated bran. The wheat it is made from has a very high protein content, allowing the development of long-rise bakery products that can support the bran they contain with good aeration and development.

Farina per panificazione Antichi grani di Sicilia

Ancient Sicilian Grains bread-making flour

Sicily’s unique Mediterranean climate and the organoleptic properties of these varieties of natural stone- and cylinder-milled grains give this bread-making flour unparalleled flavour and aroma, which are maintained right up to the moment the finished product is served. The bread will have a thick crust and a more compact crumb, plus a toasted aroma with notes of almond and malt.