Easy to use, consistent result and impeccable quality for the finished product.
Performa+ is the Molino Pordenone complete flour range that guarantees versatility and high performance with every dough: highly elastic, easy to work flours for high-hydration breads that require long rising times.

By carefully selecting the highest quality grains, which guarantee high protein values, and using an advanced milling technique, we have created an extremely versatile range of pure flours that can be used in any kind of baking, with biga starter, for high-hydration doughs, and in sourdough recipes.

Ezio Marinato e Performa+: l’ingrediente perfetto per il pane libero!

Ezio Marinato and Performa+: the most versatile ingredient for “free bread”!

“Bread is free! Creativity, a plethora of types, shapes, techniques and ingredients: bread has to represent its maker, because making an artisan product means putting a little bit of yourself into it, giving it a soul.

In Performa+ flours I have found the perfect ingredient, because they are extremely versatile in their use and always guarantee top quality results no matter which dough or recipe I make.”


Ezio Marinato

Tradition according to Marinato: the aroma of Performa+ in 4 recipes

Ezio Marinato's perspective:
the taste of tradition meets the perfume of Performa+

“Bread is the ultimate food, it always deserves respect because it holds traditions handed down from generation to generation. With Performa+ flours I was delighted to rediscover bread’s intense authentic aroma, evoking all kinds of memories and sensations of home and sharing.”


Ezio Marinato

F/1 - FORZA+

F/1 - FORZA+ is a type 1 flour with a high protein content, rich in protein and fiber. Always stable, it is designed for professionals looking for a high performance technical flour. Ideal for long-leaveing 22/24 hour bigas and high hydration doughs.


I/1 - IMPASTO+ is a versatile, stable type 1 flour that performs well in all conditions. The perfect combination of flavour and wellness, it has good fibre content and nutritional values, a low glycaemic index and a rich taste. Perfect for long-rise doughs, it guarantees optimal yield and development every time.

F/0 - FORZA+

F/0 - FORZA+ is a high-protein, versatile and high-performance strong flour that is very extensible and suitable for biga starters over 18-24 hours, with guaranteed unwavering quality.


I/0 - IMPASTO+ is a high-performance dough flour ideal for long-rise doughs. Extremely versatile as well as extremely stable, it guarantees excellent yield, with the proper development, in all conditions.