The ready-to-use mixes for patisserie are a range of mixes designed for professional pastry bakers: innovative products with high added value, expanding the point-of-sale offer.

Easy to use:
reliable results day after day

The ready-to-use mixes by Molino Pordenone are a range of high-performance technical products, designed to adapt to new production technologies with oven and blast chiller combinations.

Versatile and easy to use, as well as rich in formulation to the extent that they can be mixed with soft wheat flour in many cases, they ensure top quality results that can always be replicated, a guarantee of continuity for consumers at their local store.

i preparati buonessere



Zen+ is a ready-to-use mix for making soft bread enriched with a spicy note of ground ginger in combination with sweet cranberries.

Its taste, softness and long shelf life make it the perfect mix for a wide variety of products.

Crackers Biscotti

Grandi Lievitati

Clean label mix designed expressly for making any type of risen pastry product: panettone, pandoro, colomba, veneziana, pinza triestina and gubana, also suitable for making sourdough and biga for bread making.

To be used on its own or as an enhancer for multi-stage long-rise doughs, for more efficient natural rise baking.