clean label

clean label

804 Panettone

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W 400 ± 20

Technical, rested, high-performance: the perfect flour for precision patisserie.

codice 804 sacco 25kgscheda pdf

codice 804 sacco 25kgscheda pdf

A high-performance, strong, consistent technical flour providing confident results every time. 
Soft wheat flour type 00 obtained by grinding and sifting soft wheat after removing any impurities.

Superior quality patisserie flour that is unbeatable when it comes to baking traditional Italian panettone, pandoro and colomba cakes. Suitable for refreshing sourdough.

804 Panettone
Molino Pordenone

Write to us to find out more about our Panettone Flour!

From one professional to another, Molino Pordenone is a reliable partner for patisserie flour, a technical ingredient for a product that requires precision. The dialogue with our customers allows us to propose increasingly innovative flours in line with market demands.

The value of a clean label.

All our products are clean-labelled and GMO-free. We strongly believe in the value of quality everyday nutrition: a more natural diet is also a healthier one. Performance, quality, workability and taste do not need emulsifiers or additives thanks to our constant research and development work.

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