A stoneground flour containing more protein, more colour thanks to its fibre and mineral content and a more intense, distinctive flavour.

W 270 ± 20
Min. abs. 60%

Soft wheat flour type 2

Ideal flour for bread making with natural rising , recommended for the preparation of fibre-rich and highly absorbent doughs.
The bread will have a darker colour due to the high fibre and mineral content, and a more intense, distinctive flavour.

Selecting the ingredients

Product safety begins with controlling the raw material. Molino di Pordenone carefully checks the incoming load of grain: each truck must wait for the results of rheological and microbiological tests before unloading to ensure the goods meet European Community standards. Once unloaded, each grain passes through an optical sorter, which discards any grain found to be non-conforming or potentially harmful to the consumer's health