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clean label

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Molino Pordenone and Il Granaio delle Idee: a meeting of 2 partners in excellence.


Molino Pordenone flours meet the Nucleo® line by Il Granaio delle Idee, creating a comprehensive range of exceptional bread-making blends. The partnership shares a single philosophy: offering a guaranteed line of products, thanks to careful selection of the ingredients, ongoing research and constant improvements. Our research has been combining flavours and nutritional value as a guarantee of high quality for generations.



A guarantee of unwavering quality.

Developed to meet the request for special products coming from the most demanding professionals, Maker’s Mixes have been developed to supply artisans with a range of complete formulations that are easy to work with and guarantee a consistent result.
The special breads made with Maker’s Mix enhance and expand the range at the point of sale, offering the end customer unique shapes, aromas and flavours.

Molino Pordenone Vita Korn

Clean label and nutritional value.

Quality also means focusing on wellbeing: Maker’s Mix products are extremely rich in all-natural ingredients with plenty of seeds and grains. An innovative proposal for all customers wishing to have a healthy, balanced diet.

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