clean label

clean label

i preparati buonessere

Reliability, taste, nutrition

Even traditional products can be special. Innovation for the Classics range means optimising product performance, consistent yield, focus on nutritional properties and digestibility, as well as the quality and naturalness of the ingredients.

Easy to work with, they are convenient because they are formulated to be mixed with soft wheat flours and absorb more water.


Baking efficiency.

The Classics range is designed to offer baking professionals solutions to make production more efficient, responding to specific practical needs with technical mixes optimised for the cook-and-chill cycle with an oven and blast chiller, or designed for chefs looking for a truly versatile, unique product that can be used for everything on the menu from bread to dessert.


Clean label and nutritional value.

All ready-to-use mixes are clean-labelled and GMO-free. We strongly believe in the value of quality everyday nutrition: a more natural diet is also a healthier one. Performance, quality, workability and taste do not need emulsifiers or additives thanks to Molino Pordenone’s constant research and development work.

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