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i preparati buonessere

Buonessere is a range of very innovative formulations, designed to give baking professionals the chance to offer their customers new products, with particular features and therefore of high added value.

Not just bread: free rein to the imagination
for a new offering

Tasty nibbles, bases for savoury pies with an aftertaste of red fruits perfect for sweet or savoury combinations, biscuits with ginger and cranberries: an endless variety of appetising, tantalising, different products.

buonessere erbeplus


Erbe+ is a mix for making bread and other baked goods with a rustic, intense yet balanced flavour and aroma reminiscent of the countryside.

This high-absorption mix allows the preparation of soft products with a long shelf life that are extremely rich in soluble fibre.

Pane Mix d'Autore


Zen+ is a ready-to-use mix for making soft bread enriched with a spicy note of ground ginger in combination with sweet cranberries.

Its taste, softness and long shelf life make it the perfect mix for a wide variety of products.