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The ready-to-use mixes are a range of mixes designed for professional bakers, created for bread making but sometimes adapted to be used in confectionery-making too: innovative products with high added value, unique in flavour and nutrition, expanding the point-of-sale offer.

Irresistible new products, easy to create and high in quality, will allow you to stand out with an offering of new and appetising original breads and baked goods, further building customer loyalty.

Easy to use:
reliable results day after day

The ready-to-use mixes by Molino Pordenone are a range of high-performance technical products, designed to adapt to new production technologies with oven and blast chiller combinations.

Versatile and easy to use, as well as rich in formulation to the extent that they can be mixed with soft wheat flour in many cases, they ensure top quality results that can always be replicated, a guarantee of continuity for consumers at their local store.

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Better-tasting wellbeing.
Buonessere is a range of innovative mixes that focus on both taste and health. Rich formulations, ingredients skilfully blended with a balance of taste and nutritional values, selection of seeds, flours and even ingredients with unusual aromatic notes, make Buonessere ready-to-use mixes extremely rich in taste and essential nutritional principles, responding to the demands of consumers who are looking for a product that does not just taste good but is also part of a healthy diet.

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Molino Pordenone and Granaio delle Idee: a meeting of 2 partners in excellence
Molino Pordenone flours meet the Nucleo® line by Il Granaio delle Idee, creating a comprehensive range of exceptional baking blends.

The partnership shares a single philosophy: offering a guaranteed line of products, thanks to careful selection of the ingredients, ongoing research and constant improvements.
Our research has been combining flavours and nutritional value as a guarantee of high quality for generations.

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Reliability, taste, nutrition
Even traditional products can be special.
Innovation for I CLASSICI range means optimising product performance, consistent yield, focus on nutritional properties and digestibility, as well as the quality and naturalness of the ingredients.
Easy to work with, they are convenient because they are formulated to be mixed with soft wheat flours and absorb more water.

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